Marisol's Story

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Before coming to Good Counsel on January 31, 2013, 32-year-old Marisol was staying at the Missionaries of Charity. Unfortunately, they were due to close in two months, so she was referred to Good Counsel Homes. At the time, Marisol was six months pregnant – with twins! Marisol had already had several visits to the Brooklyn Hospital Emergency Room for severe abdominal pain and placental abruption which causes the placenta to separate from the uterus endangering both mother and baby.

Marisol’s father brought her to the United States when she was four years old. When her father passed away, she was left in the care of her grandfather, but was always moving back and forth with other extended family members. She didn’t really have any close family involvement in the last few years. Marisol needed help and found an open door at Good Counsel.

Shortly after her arrival at Good Counsel, Marisol went into early labor on February, 15, 2013 at Nyack Hospital. A sonogram was performed and it was discovered that one baby was not moving. She was transferred to Westchester Medical Center for premature labor. She was told that the placental abruption had adversely affected the development of one the babies, a medical term known as a “vanishing twin.” On February 16, 2013, Marisol gave birth to a beautiful baby girl she named, “Gypsy.”

Baby Gypsy spent the next three months of her life between Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital and Blythedales Children’s Hospital. Gypsy “graduated” from her preemie care on May, 2013 and she and her mom returned to a safe and loving home at Good Counsel to begin their life together, along with a set of medical services already in place to ensure Gypsy’s ongoing health and well-being which is so very important for preemies.

During her time at Good Counsel, Marisol was able to set attainable goals and reach them successfully. Having met her first and most important goal of bringing Baby Gypsy into the world, Marisol also worked on securing services available to her to be able to provide for herself and Gypsy. Marisol secured a job with Betty’s Cleaning Agency in Suffern, New York to provide an income for her family and also began the process of obtaining her GED at Boces Nyack Adult Education Program.

Good Counsel is blessed to have been a part of Marisol’s story. We are continually grateful to God for all things, especially for the good we see in each mother and child. Please join us in prayer for Marisol’s other little baby who now lives with the Lord.

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