Good Counsel Mom Jenny G. Working at the A&P!

Posted by | November 27, 2013 | News | 4 Comments

We cannot stress enough that Good Counsel is more than a home, it’s a new beginning! Jenny G. and her two-year-old daughter, Unity, are current residents of Good Counsel Homes.  Jenny recently landed a new job at the Westchester County A&P Supermarket, which she is very excited about.

We are excited for her!  We ask for your generous prayers that Jenny finds her work fulfilling and rewarding as she continues the steps necessary to improve life for herself and her daughter.

Good Counsel offers programs, such as Vocational Assistance, to ensure that every mom receives the Life Skills training she needs to never be homeless again.  Trained staff and Good Counsel volunteers meet with every resident upon admission and assist her with enrollment in an assessment program identifying her interests, abilities, and potential employment opportunities. Resumé and job interview counseling is also offered to provide our mothers with an opportunity to succeed.

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