Jessica's Story, From Homeless to Loving Home

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In June of 2012, Jessica M. was 30 years old, homeless, and seven months pregnant with a baby girl.  Like so many victims of the recent economy, Jessica had lost her job and had run out of options. She had spent three weeks sleeping on park benches when, out of desperation, she reached out to WPIX 11 News for help.

Reporter Monica Morales, six months pregnant herself at the time, could not ignore Jessica’s pleas and stepped in to see what could be done.  Thankfully, through Ms. Morales’ diligence, Jessica was put in touch with Good Counsel Homes.  Jessica was quickly off the streets and in a safe and loving home to prepare for the birth of her baby girl.

Watch Jessica’s Story

Just about a year later, Jessica spoke at the Ball for Life and expressed her gratitude for Good Counsel.

Please continue to keep Jessica and her baby girl in your prayers! Please consider a donation to help more homeless moms like Jessica.

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