Love One Another...

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As residents of Good Counsel, our moms receive so much more than shelter.  We strive to provide guidance, encouragement, support, assistance, direction, education, training, and most of all, love.  Love is contagious and our moms gladly jump at opportunities to give back to others what they themselves have been given.

In late December, a group of our moms, formerly homeless before becoming residents of Good Counsel, visited a homeless shelter in New Rochelle that is run by the Salvation Army.  They helped prepare and serve dinner, but most of all they provided love.  The moms had a wonderful and fulfilling time and when they returned home, they were eager to share their experience.  Lending truth to the old adage that there is always someone worse off than oneself, our moms expressed how their day of giving back was a wake up call that there are people less fortunate than themselves.  The fulfillment that comes from giving brought some moms to tears.

love one another collage

“For it is in giving that we receive.” St. Francis of Assisi

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