Good Counsel Homes, A Global Inspiration

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Our Bronx home recently had a very exciting visitor!  Yoon Sun Cho, Minister of Gender Equality & Family for the Republic of Korea, spent time in our Good Counsel home as part of her recent trip to the United States. While in New York City for the session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, Minister Cho and some of her delegates toured our home and spent time speaking with and observing our staff and residents and also spent some time with our toddlers.

Our intake staff and Minister Cho discussed similar issues they faced when serving those in most need in both of our countries.   In the interest of developing and furthering effective resources for young women and mothers, Minister Cho was particularly interested in how Good Counsel helps mothers after the birth of their babies to move toward happy, healthy, and independent lives.  She was most impressed by the Exodus program which supports women for up to a full two years after after they leave a Good Counsel home.  One of the dreams of Minister Cho’s organization is to “develop the full potential of women to establish a base for our society to leap forward again.”

Good Counsel is more than a shelter for homeless, pregnant women.  It is a supportive and loving home where the needs of the women we serve are met immediately and for the long term.  The programs that each of our moms have access to are provided with the ultimate goal of leaving Good Counsel.  The programs afford every mom the Life Skills training she needs to never be homeless again.  Some of our programs include Budgeting & Vocational Assistance, Parenting classes, Nutrition classes, as well as guidance and formation in Spirituality & Chastity.

Good Counsel Homes, a new beginning.

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