Help for Every Need

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In February of 2012, Iris came to Good Counsel Homes pregnant with twins.  Iris’s path to Good Counsel’s door was not an easy one.  A mental health hospitalization subsequently caused the loss of her job.  Losing her job then led to the inevitable loss of her apartment.  With the deck stacked against her and now two little lives depending on her, Iris needed help not just with food and shelter; she needed hope, healing, and love for all three of them.

When the twins came along, Iris was staying in our Bronx Home, but soon after was transferred to our DayStar Home.  The DayStar Home was a better fit for Iris as it allowed her to ease into motherhood with lots of support while working on her mental health difficulties and parenting skills.  DayStar is a unique residence for pregnant women who have mental illness and may also be dual diagnoiris storysed with an addiction, helping mothers make the difficult transition from  suffering with long-term mental and physical challenges to becoming  stable and loving mothers and productive citizens in the communities in which they live.  Iris continues to work hard and is very grateful for the help she has received.

The next steps for Iris will be to move to her own apartment and to secure a good job, hopefully, a career position, where her degree in Web Development will be put to good use.

Sometimes, a mom comes to Good Counsel with what seems to be one need, but in reality, there are multiple complex and challenging needs.    We strive to meet every need in the best way possible.  The process can’t be rushed and is the reason moms can stay at a Good Counsel home for a full two years after their baby (or babies!) are born.  It’s the only way to ensure success once a mom leaves Good Counsel.

You may have already seen Iris’s boys, Samuel and Dean, on the Good Counsel Facebook page as their antics create many photo opportunities.  Sam & Dean are now one and a half years old and are vibrant and active little boys.  Climbing things, like chairs, is their favorite activity at the moment.  We can’t wait to see what they do next!

We never run out of excitement at a Good Counsel Home, and we never run out of love.

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