Little Things Done Out of Love...

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Here at Good Counsel, we continue to be so very touched by both the big and small gestures of charity for our moms, babies, and children.  Just a few weeks ago, some hand-made bracelets arrived at one of our homes for the moms to wear.  Given the circumstances that some of our moms face before they come through the door of a Good Counsel home, this small, pretty trinket is a reminder to our moms that they are beloved daughters of God and that they are beautiful.

Mary Rose1

The person behind this lovely gesture is Mary Rose, the daughter of a frequent volunteer at Good Counsel.  Mary Rose took it upon herself to craft handmade bracelets for the moms to wear hoping they would bring smiles to their faces.  Just last August, Mary Rose and her friend set up a lemonade stand donating all their profits to  Good Counsel.  Mary Rose continues to pray every night for all of the moms and babies at Good Counsel.  With special souls like Mary Rose on our side, we are in good hands!

As St. Therese of Lisieux says, “Little things done out of love are those that charm the Heart of Christ…”.  There is no doubt that He is charmed with Mary Rose.

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