A “Typical” Day at Good Counsel Homes

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Trying to sum up a typical day at Good Counsel Homes is not an easy task because every day is so atypical.  When our house managers come in each morning, there is no telling what may be on the agenda.  There may be a to-do list in theory, but more often than not, any to-do list is quickly revised or thrown out altogether.

Recently, one of our house managers began her day with a telephone call about a possible new resident.  This mom had just given birth after being in the U.S. for only eight months.  When her father found out she was pregnant, he threw her out on the street.  She went to live with an uncle, but the situation was less than ideal with no heat and no hot water in the middle of the harsh winter that was upon us.  She was discharged from the hospital but her baby had to stay due to an upper respiratory infection.  Fortunately, for this young woman, the social worker at the hospital was aware of Good Counsel and reached out to us for help.  When the call came in, the baby was about to be discharged.  They had no where to go.

While on that call, another call came in about a young woman who had just given birth that day who had nothing for her new baby, no clothing, no diapers, and no supplies.

So there were two women, both new moms, both in need of shelter, food, clothing, and love.  Our house manager, Nannette, took on this double-header day without hesitation, one baby boy and one baby girl and their moms in desperate need of our help.  Nannette spent her day traveling between Good Samaritan and Nyack Hospitals making all the necessary arrangements and gathering up every and any thing she felt they might need right away.  Maybe Nannette should have checked one of our toddler rooms for a superhero cape to wear!

These are not superhero tales however.  Every day has the potential to be this kind of day at Good Counsel.  Our staff could not do what we do without the prayers, love, and support of our volunteers and donors.

Click here to see how you can help Good Counsel.  Please let us know if you have a superhero cape we could use.



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