Gypsy's Journey Continues

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Sunday, March 30th was a beautiful and blessed day for Good Counsel Homes.  One of our moms, Marisol, celebrated the baptism of her baby girl, Gypsy, and we were all blessed to be part of this special occasion.

We’ve shared Marisol’s story here at Viaduct before and have kept you updated on Gypsy’s progress. Having lost her twin and then spending over two months in the hospital as preemie, we have all said many, many prayers for Gypsy and Marisol entrusted her to the protection of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

gypsy bap3

Gypsy was baptized at St. Joseph’s Church in Spring Valley by Deacon Peter and so begins her new life in Christ.  Deacon Peter Venezia and his wife, Jo-Ann, have been regular visitors to Good Counsel homes for over a dozen years, sharing the Word of God and inviting each of our mothers to grow closer to Jesus.  Marisol has been waiting for this day for a long time and is grateful that Gypsy is strong and will face every challenge in the faith and love of God.

Deacon Peter was featured in our Lenten Campaign on the Feast of St. Joseph.  Click here to watch his video!


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