Resume Workshop Helps Our Mothers

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The goal of Good Counsel has always been to provide for homeless, pregnant women in a comprehensive way.  We accomplish this with a variety of programs that cover a wide range of necessary life skills that make success outside of Good Counsel a reality.  Finding a job in today’s economy is a tough road for anybody, but even more so for our moms, whose job hunt does not just entail scrolling through job listings online.  

Most, if not all, of our moms are single parents so, securing a good job with fair wages is the most important thing they need to have in place before leaving us.  It used to be that a one-page resume, typed up, and printed on some nice paper would do the trick.  Not with today’s technology, however.  With the help of Good Counsel Case Managers, our moms learn how to create a resume using a computer, word processing software, effective language, and how to ensure their resume is usable for online job searches.  Our Resume Workshop also offers guidance and instruction on how to find a job, complete a job application, and prepare for a job interview.Resume workshop

Finding a stable, secure job is a priceless, permanent change for our moms.  Preparing and constructing their resume can be a path of self-discovery, bolstering their self-esteem and confidence when they are encouraged to really focus in on and highlight their marketable skills, experience, and talents that they may not even realize they have.  It can be the catalyst for everything else that happens after they leave Good Counsel.

Just recently a few of our residents, Iris, Vanessa, Tymeisha, and Jenny all took advantage of this essential Good Counsel program.  Please keep them all in your prayers as they go through the job hunting process.  May they find fruitful and fulfilling work that leads to a better life for themselves and their children.

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