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May 2014 - Good Counsel

Growing Up at Good Counsel

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The majority of women who come to Good Counsel when facing a crisis pregnancy can and do stay for up to a year after their baby is born.  Sometimes, there are circumstances that necessitate a longer stay with us.  There may be a whole host of issues that need to be dealt with.  Sometimes a mom is pursuing some additonal education or training that may take her a bit longer than a year.  However long her stay may be, once a mom comes to Good Counsel, she spends a lot of time with a case manager working on a plan to make sure she receives the Life Skills training she needs so as to never be homeless again. Each mom has the benefit of programs including budgeting and vocational training, parenting classes, nutrition classes, and programs on spirituality and chastity. Read More

Wait! We Can’t Go to the Hospital Just Yet!

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Our home in the Bronx is always bustling in the spring and this year is no exception. In addition to all of our happy baby news there are also encouraging stories about our moms, many of whom have overcome heart-wrenching situations and now are starting to see the fruits of their many efforts. Every day, in every season, there are always bright spots of hope at Good Counsel. Read More

Urgent Wish List for Babies & Children

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Just like any home, Good Counsel runs out of necessary things all the time, except we are trying to stock four homes where over 80 mothers and children live. We have an ongoing list of supplies we need to have on hand to distribute to our resident moms, babies, and children. Your generous donations help us to carry out our mission to serve homeless, pregnant women, their babies, and any older children. Read More

Will You Walk for Me?

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Since 1985, Good Counsel has been providing a safe haven for homeless, pregnant women and their children.  Three years ago, the door to our South Jersey Home was opened in Riverside and within one month, we were already operating at over 100% occupancy, as no mom in need is ever turned away.  We have witnessed the birth of 33 babies since we opened our doors with 9 babies born in 2013!

Our moms are working in nursing, business, and the medical fields, while others are making strides towards completing their high school equivalency program.  Others are enrolled in nursing, business programs, and college.

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I Made My Choice

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For many American women, like those I see every day at Good Counsel, rampant violence is the untold story. Young girls and young women, in the cities, suburbs and even rural America are being kicked to the side of the road, abandoned, left pregnant and abused.

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Good Counsel Helps to Open the Doors of Joseph’s House

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With four homes open for pregnant, homeless women, Good Counsel has served as a model for others who wish to begin a ministry of their own.  The prolife community is often wrongly criticized as having the sole focus of making sure a baby is not killed by abortion, with little or no concern for the mother, or for the baby after he or she is born.  The mission and ministry of Good Counsel Homes are a beautiful example of how to carry out the totality of the prolife mission – to care for all life – mom, baby, and siblings. Read More

Baby Elijah’s Baptism

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It was another joy filled day at Good Counsel Homes as we celebrated the baptism of Baby Elijah.  Deacon Peter baptized Elijah marking the beginning of his new life in Christ while his mother, Kimberly, and his godmother, Kirsten, looked on. Kimberly came to Good Counsel after a long, hard road challenged by a sixteen-year heroin addiction.  Read More

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