Growing Up at Good Counsel

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The majority of women who come to Good Counsel when facing a crisis pregnancy can and do stay for up to a year after their baby is born.  Sometimes, there are circumstances that necessitate a longer stay with us.  There may be a whole host of issues that need to be dealt with.  Sometimes a mom is pursuing some additonal education or training that may take her a bit longer than a year.  However long her stay may be, once a mom comes to Good Counsel, she spends a lot of time with a case manager working on a plan to make sure she receives the Life Skills training she needs so as to never be homeless again. Each mom has the benefit of programs including budgeting and vocational training, parenting classes, nutrition classes, and programs on spirituality and chastity.

While mom is participating in her Life Skills programs, securing a job, or going back to school, Good Counsel is her home and the caretaker for her new baby and any older siblings. When a mom does have a longer stay at Good Counsel, we have the blessing of seeing a little one grow up! Our staff and volunteers are privileged to be part of each mom’s family.

Saniyah and her mom have been with us for two years.  During that time, we have witnessed her reaching many of her milestones. We celebrated her baptism and we have seen her grow in beauty and grace each day. Saniyah just celebrated her 2nd birthday and she has grown into such a beautiful little girl. We can’t wait to see what she does next!


Please keep Saniyah & her mom in your prayers!



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