I Made My Choice

Posted by | May 06, 2014 | News | No Comments

For many American women, like those I see every day at Good Counsel, rampant violence is the untold story. Young girls and young women, in the cities, suburbs and even rural America are being kicked to the side of the road, abandoned, left pregnant and abused.

Please watch and share I Made My Choice, an uncompromising, hard-hitting look at the problems and at least one solution that you can help support today. Simply by watching and sharing, you can help because the more who know, the more mothers and babies who will get help. Education is the first step.

And please share I Made My Choice with your family and friends.

Education, motivation, prayer, and action are part of the best ways you can help today with I Made My Choice. Good Counsel staff are on the phone and at our homes every hour of every day ready to help.

Please see. Please share. It’s that easy.



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