It’s Spring Time at Good Counsel!

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April and May have been very busy months here at Good Counsel, but that’s okay, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our homes are bustling with moms and babies and toddlers and staff and volunteers. Every mom that comes to Good Counsel means one less homeless, pregnant woman on the street. Every knock on our door means one less woman suffering abuse or neglect.

We have had a mini “baby boom” since spring began. Caring Good Counsel staff like Delores Morgan always make sure our moms are never alone when it comes time to give birth and will do everything and anything they can to make sure a mom in labor is well taken care of.  You can imagine how emotionally trying it would be to give birth without the father of the child or a loving, supportive family around you.

Enjoy these pictures of some Good Counsel spring babies! Please keep each child, each mom, and even the dads who aren’t involved, along with the Good Counsel staff and volunteers in your prayers.  You, certainly, are in our prayers, every day.

spring babies

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