Wait! We Can’t Go to the Hospital Just Yet!

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Our home in the Bronx is always bustling in the spring and this year is no exception. In addition to all of our happy baby news there are also encouraging stories about our moms, many of whom have overcome heart-wrenching situations and now are starting to see the fruits of their many efforts. Every day, in every season, there are always bright spots of hope at Good Counsel.

maria1One of our moms, Maria, just completed a 3-month series of parenting classes developed by Catholic Guardian Services titled, “The Parenting Journey.” She was very excited about her successful completion of the program and proudly showed off her certificate. The residents and staff celebrated Maria’s job well done with cupcakes and fellowship.

No sooner had the cupcakes been eaten than Maria went into labor! The staff quickly maneuvered to get her to the hospital, but Maria had something she had to do before leaving. “I want to go first to Mass.” So, our staff took Maria to Mass – and then they went to the hospital! Surely comforted by our Lord and Savior and accompanied by Our Lady, Maria soon gave birth to a baby boy, Francesco. Her beautify baby boy weighed 8 pounds, 3 ounces at birth and he and mom were well and happy after his entrance into the world.

All of our Good Counsel Homes provide unconditional love and support to those who need it, whether it be Life Skills training or detours on the way to the hospital, because of the ongoing, wonderful support of people like you! We ask that you please pray for Maria and her son and know that we are always praying for you!

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