10 Things You May Not Know About Good Counsel

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  1. We have a YouTube Channel! We have over 30 videos on our playlist. 
  2. Good Counsel has helped over 6,000 mothers and children since 1985. 
  3. We have homes in the Bronx, Harrison, and Spring Valley, New York, and one in Riverside, New Jersey. 
  4. We have a national 24/7 helpline 1-800-723-8331 that over 30K people have used since it started in 1996. 
  5. We are currently trying to re-open a home on Staten Island. 
  6. We have a post-abortion referral network called Lumina for those suffering from a past abortion. 
  7. We have helped to open Good Counsel-type model homes in eight other states! 
  8. Word of Mouth is still the best way to get our information out to those who need it most. 
  9. Good Counsel has provided over 600,000 days of help and nights of shelter for women in need. 
  10. We have over 3,000 Likes on Facebook! Have you Liked Good Counsel yet?

There are many more things about Good Counsel than just the above 10 facts. Please look around our website for more information.

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