The Best Birthday Present

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Carrying out the mission of Good Counsel Homes can be a most humbling experience. It’s easy to get frustrated and stressed over the circumstances that left our moms with nowhere to go, with no choice, and with no options. However, once a new baby is born, or a mom receives her GED, or secures a hard-won new job, there is much rejoicing and we are renewed and and encouraged.

Another important thing that keeps us going is the generosity that we constantly see in so many forms from volunteers and even former residents, from donations, to a simple, heartfelt note of thanks. Then, there are the children whose generosity of spirit is overwhelming.

Say hello to Jacob Haggerty!

Jacob just celebrated his 6th birthday! He is very grateful for all that he received for his birthday, so grateful that his thoughts turned to those who might not have anything at all. Jacob followed his heart and visited our Riverside home with his mom and $50.00 worth of Toys R Us Gift Cards! Jacob wanted to give the gift cards to the kids at Good Counsel who may not have so much or who many not have anything at all.

We are so thankful for Jacob and his selfless act of love. We will put the gift cards to good use.

Happy Birthday Jacob!

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