20 Babies & Counting!

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Geez – half way through 2014 already? Doesn’t it seem as though we were just all bundled up in layers and layers of clothes and complaining about the cold, wind, and snow? Yet, here we are in the middle of July! It’s been a beautiful summer so far – hot, but not too hot!

Making this summer even more beautiful are the 20 perfect babies that we’ve been blessed with here at Good Counsel.

Often, the circumstances surrounding a woman coming into a Good Counsel home are tragic and heart wrenching, but once she’s settled in with us and begins to feel safe, she is able to work toward a promising future for herself and her baby. With the help of staff, our moms move further away from the tragedy that once was and progress towards hope. How awesome is the grace that is lavished upon us in big and small ways each and every day! All of us at Good Counsel are grateful to be, however imperfectly, the hands and feet of God each and every day.

Please keep all of our 20 babies (so far!) and their moms in your prayers! Enjoy these pictures of a few of our little blessings!

2014 Babies1

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