Many Hands Make Light Work

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We love to talk about our Good Counsel Homes being just that, a home, and not just a shelter. The women who come to our door do need shelter first and foremost. Some have been homeless for a while and some just for a few days – but one day homeless is a day too many for a frightened, young, pregnant woman. The women who come to our door need more than a roof over their head. They need love, understanding, guidance, prayer, and support. Our staff works tirelessly to provide all of this and so much more to each and every woman who comes to stay at Good Counsel.

While our staff is taking care of our residents – there are many others who lend a hand to take care of our homes. If you are a homeowner, you understand the constant maintenance and upkeep necessary to keep a home in a good condition and most of us go above and beyond just “good,” we work hard to make our homes beautiful, safe, and cozy.

That’s why we are so grateful when volunteers step up to help in the areas that are sometimes neglected because there are more important things to attend to. Spring cleaning is always a big undertaking in any home, and Good Counsel Homes are no different. We were fortunate when Fr. David Rivera, currently Parochial Vicar at The Parish of the Holy Cross in Bridgeton, arrived at our South Jersey home with about 20 members of his youth group. They all set to work, including Father, inside and outside of our home – cleaning, dusting, polishing, weeding, mulching, watering, raking, planting, and anything else they could do! They worked very hard and our home was set for a beautiful summer season.

fr. david

Please keep Fr. David and his youth group in your prayers! If you would like to volunteer your time and talent for one of our homes, email Angelica Vargas or contact her by phone 201-795-0637!

“Love God, serve God; everything is in that.” St. Clare of Assisi






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