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We talk a lot on Viaduct about how good old fashioned word of mouth helps to get Good Counsel’s name and mission out there. It’s been proven time and again that the more people who know about Good Counsel, the more people help Good Counsel. And when we get help, we can help more mothers and babies in need.

In May, our South Jersey Home held a fundraising Walk-a-Thon to benefit our moms and babies. The walk was held in five locations. Information for the walk was included in the weekly bulletin at Our Lady of the Angels Church in Cape May Court House, New Jersey. A parishioner saw the notice of the walk. Her name is Terri. Terri shared the information with her daughter Melanie, who just so happens to be expecting her first child. Good Counsel remained on Terri’s mind while planning a baby shower for Melanie. She felt in her heart that, instead of giving guests the usual favors “supporting the mothers of Good Counsel Homes was the right thing to do.” Terri called and spoke to JoAnn DiNoia, Fund Development Specialist, about what she had in mind.

JoAnn sent Terri the donation letter for the walk and along with it several pictures of some of our beautiful babies. Terri created a collage with the pictures along with the explanation of her special and unique “favor” to display at Melanie’s shower. Good Counsel received a $200.00 check from Terri and Melanie as a result of their generous and thoughtful gesture.  Not only is the monetary gift so very important, but just as important is that every guest at Melanie’s shower now knows about Good Counsel and what we do, and that, as they say, is priceless!


Thank you Terri & Melanie! We ask our readers to keep both of these special women in their prayers. All of us at Good Counsel will be praying for the safe, happy, and healthy arrival of Terri’s new grandchild!

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