Baby, You Rock!

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The landscaping around our Riverside Home is looking especially bright these days thanks to one of our very special Resident Assistants, Clare Kirk. Clare has been with Good Counsel since even before we opened the doors in South Jersey. She is also a member of our overnight staff and has spent many hours caring for both moms and babies. She is affectionately known as “Grandmom Clare.”

We recently celebrated the Feast Day of St. Clare of Assisi on August 11th. St. Clare is the “Patron of Sore Eyes.” Well, there won’t be any sore eyes from looking at the beautiful landscaping that our own “St. Clare” has provided over the years. Clare began honoring each baby born at the home, and saved from an abortion, by planting a rose bush in their honor. She felt a rose bush in particular was appropriate since the March for Life’s logo is a rose. Clare told us, “One of our moms came back and saw her baby son’s rose bush and asked me to take care of it to make sure it grew.” As she cares for the roses and watches them grow, Clare shared her hope that each child is “growing and blooming just as beautifully.” To mark each rose bush, Clare began finding a nice size rock and painting it with each baby’s name and birthday. Clare also planted a garden which provides fresh vegetables and herbs for our residents every year.


Thank you Clare for this beautiful reminder of all of our blessings and for the motivation to continue the very important and necessary work that we try to do every single day, by His grace.  Please keep Clare and the rest of Good Counsel’s hard working staff in your prayers and be assured of ours for you!

“Love God, serve God: everything is in that!” St. Clare of Assisi

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