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It would be an understatement to say that everyone at Good Counsel works hard because our mission lends itself to attracting the type of person who goes above and beyond in their work, doing more than what’s expected, always willing to help out in any way possible. Perhaps some of the hardest working people at Good Counsel are our Resident Advisors. Our “RA’s” as they are affectionately known are our “forces on the ground,” literally the hands and feet of Christ working in our homes every day. Think of them as being a “mom” to all the resident moms and their babies and other children. Our RA’s work in shifts covering each home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you visited one of our homes on any given day, chances are you would be greeted by a smiling RA, most likely close to exhaustion and giving “multi-tasking” a whole new definition, but smiling! Tatyana McCray is one such RA. Tatyana has worked for Good Counsel for a year and a half, starting out in child care and was then promoted to her current position.  tatyana

When asked about her best experience here at Good Counsel, Tatyana shared that it was when one of our moms asked her to be present for her labor and delivery. Alisha, now an “Exodus” mom of Good Counsel, having successfully moved on to independence, was preparing for the birth of her daughter and asked Tatyana to be with her. Alisha’s own mom would be present, but she wanted Tatyana there too. Alisha’s mom is blind, so not only was Tatyana there as a labor and delivery coach, but she was also the eyes for her mom, explaining what was happening and describing it all to her throughout the process. What a beautiful bond that must have been lovingly constructed throughout that day when baby Alivia arrived!

Tatyana says that even to this day she has a hard time expressing what it truly meant be there, but she “just absolutely loved it. I have been present for the births of my nieces and nephews, but this time it was just so different to be able to hold Alisha’s hand and coach her, and then to see this new baby be born… it was just a blessing.”

I asked Tatyana what she would like our readers to know about the women who come to Good Counsel and she said, “Our moms come from all different walks of life. They all have their own stories and are trying to make the best of their situations. It’s not easy to be thrown into a whole new environment, with new rules, and new people, but they make the best of it and I see firsthand that they appreciate it.”

Tatyana says she loves her job and learns something new every day. “The ladies may not know it, but both the residents and staff bring so much joy to me and make me feel like I’m part of a family that I never even knew I had, which makes being so far from my own family just a little easier.”

When she’s not working at Good Counsel, Tatyana likes spending time with her dogs. Please keep Tatyana and her family, who live in Hawaii, in your prayers.

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