There’s Always Time to Give Back

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Our moms at Good Counsel are busy ladies! They spend time taking part in programs, frequently meet with their case manager, and also attend nutrition and parenting classes. The women spend lots of time furthering their education, securing training for future employment, or polishing their resumes so they can actively look for a good job to provide for themselves and their families. At the same time, our moms are taking care of newborns, infants, and sometimes older children.

Grateful for all of the support and opportunities they receive, our moms make time to give back. Recently four of our moms volunteered at the local Salvation Army. The ladies helped to prepare and serve food to those in need. Isn’t it just amazing that after all our moms have been through – empathetic hearts remain and charity prevails? Our moms recognize how vital it is to give back and to help those who may have even less than they do.   Whenever our moms donate their time to others, they always enjoy themselves and their happiness is contagious!

salvation army collage

Please pray for our moms and for those at the Salvation Army who they helped to serve. Why not look for local opportunities in your community and volunteer today!

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