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September 2014 - Good Counsel

Giving a Voice to the Voice We Silenced

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October marks the beginning of Respect Life Month.  For many who are post abortive, this can be a particularly difficult time if they have not addressed their own healing and are still living in silence and shame.  It can also even be difficult for those who have begun the healing journey, as abortion will be in the forefront of many activities for the coming month.

There are many people (including ourselves many times) who may not think the post abortive have the right to speak for the unborn.  For whatever reason we aborted, whether we were coerced or freely chose to have an abortion, we participated in the death of our children, so, why should we be a voice for the voice we silenced? Read More

Urgent Need – Our Cupboards Are Almost Empty!

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My worst nightmare is turning a homeless, pregnant mother away or having to sit down across the table from a woman and her children at a Good Counsel home and think, “I just can’t feed them!”

Of course, friends like you help Our Lord as you help care for our mothers and babies before and after birth, but as we meet their urgent needs this month, our pantry is literally being stripped bare!

Imagine having to tell a young pregnant mother or a young mom holding her newborn, “I’m sorry, we’re all out—of everything!” Read More

Success on Staten Island

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The day a child heads out the door for the first day of kindergarten is a monumental event for any parent. It’s a huge step for both parent and child and marks the beginning of a new chapter in the life of the family. The first day of kindergarten for a child who was born at a Good Counsel Home is a celebration of everything that we strive to do each and every day as we carry out our mission. Just this month we were so happy to hear from a former Good Counsel mom, Molly, whose daughter started kindergarten this year. Molly is shining example of what can happen when we all work together, with His Grace, to promote a culture of life and love. Read More

Back to Work and School!

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September is back-to-school time and by the time we start to feel that autumn crisp in the air, students settle into a routine as they prepare for their future success. Here at Good Counsel we are also adjusting to the back-to-school routine as quite a few of our moms are pursuing educational endeavors either working toward a GED or furthering their education toward obtaining a stable, career position to provide independence and stability for themselves and their babies. At the same time, most of our moms are actively working or searching for employment.  Read More

Touching the Lives of Postabortive Siblings

Posted by | Sep 5, 2014 | 2 Comments

I do not know for sure, but if I had to bet, I would pretty safely guess that in addition to being a mom who has had an abortion that I also have aborted siblings. Of course, there is no way for me to confirm that since my father has passed away, but I always felt that this was probably true.

Sib6My dad was the one who pressured me to abort as a teen, and I also learned that he paid for an abortion when my cousin’s girlfriend became pregnant. Adding that to the fact that I know he was unfaithful to my mom, I have just always had a sense that there are probably siblings missing from my life.

As a society, we have just begun to address the millions and millions of siblings suffering because of the knowledge (or lack thereof ) an aborted sibling. Read More

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