Urgent Need – Our Cupboards Are Almost Empty!

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My worst nightmare is turning a homeless, pregnant mother away or having to sit down across the table from a woman and her children at a Good Counsel home and think, “I just can’t feed them!”

Of course, friends like you help Our Lord as you help care for our mothers and babies before and after birth, but as we meet their urgent needs this month, our pantry is literally being stripped bare!

Imagine having to tell a young pregnant mother or a young mom holding her newborn, “I’m sorry, we’re all out—of everything!”

That’s why I need your help now to fill our pantry with all the food and other essentials necessary to keep our homes running for, at our latest count, 42 moms and 42 babies. You can imagine the mountain of groceries and supplies it takes to provide for so many.

Please consider making an online gift today to the meet this urgent need.

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Thank you and God bless you for helping fill our pantry—and so many lives with love and caring.





Christopher Bell
Good Counsel Executive Director


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