Pray for Father Benedict

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Over the last several days, my work here at Good Counsel has been focused on covering the news of the death of our Co-Founder, Fr. Benedict Groeschel.  As a content writer and social media administrator it’s my job to get the message out, share, engage, and curate content.  I edit photos, write blogs, post, tweet, like, share, etc., etc.  While I’ve been working, I’ve kept my copy of one of his books on my desk – opened to where he signed it for me.  It’s been a treasured memory of our short meeting and conversation, and now is even more significant.

In sorting through the vast amount of information about Father, I keep hearing, reading, and seeing how all of his life Fr. Benedict asked others to “pray for his conversion.”  He wanted to make sure people would pray for him at the time of his death because he knew that many people thought he was going directly to heaven, and he was convinced a stop in purgatory (or “Jersey City”) was a definite for him.  So, he asked for prayers, and lots of them, to move him along.

So, a simple request, that over the next few days of wakes and his funeral Mass which will be televised on EWTN and streaming online – let us all storm heaven with prayers for Fr. Benedict.  Whether you knew him personally, met him just once, read one of his books or 40, or watched him on TV on Sunday nights, let us thank him in the best way possible and in the way he requested so many, many times.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord and may he rest in peace! #Pray4FatherBenedict



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