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November 2014 - Good Counsel

Your Support Impacts Generations

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Dear Good Counsel Friends & Supporters,

All of us at Good Counsel Homes would like to say thank you for your gracious and overwhelming support this year.  Even though 2014 is not over yet,  we have been blessed with 39 new little lives (and counting!) – with your help! Your support for homeless mothers and babies has generational impact.

We made this short video to show you how . . . Read More

Project Care Package Helps Mothers Everywhere!

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Did you know that Good Counsel not only helps homeless, pregnant mothers and babies who live in our homes, but our outreach extends to mothers who, for whatever reason, cannot enter our homes. Our 24/7 Helpline receives calls every day from women all over the U.S. Sending each woman a care package is another way we say, “Yes,” to every need. Each care package is personalized with baby items along with uplifting, informative, and encouraging literature for expectant mothers.

You can help! We are always in need of the following items to put together care packages: Read More

Post-Abortion Workshops & Trainings

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Did you know that Lumina, the postabortion ministry of Good Counsel, offers a variety of workshops and trainings in post-abortion healing?

Reaching Out with Compassion to those in Your Families, Churches, and Communities
Concrete applications in reaching out to those we know are suffering from the aftermath of abortion in our communities, churches, and families.  Dynamic interaction in learning to be an instrument of Mercy to those we know who suffer from abortion. How language can bring a message of either mercy or condemnation.  Read More

A New Conversation with Father Benedict Groeschel

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On October 3rd, the Vigil of the Feast of St. Francis, Father Benedict Groeschel took his leave from this earth after saying the rosary.  News of his passing quickly took over Catholic social media and news outlets.  Everyone had a story to tell about Father Benedict, whether it was a quote from their favorite book, a personal encounter with Father, or how he completely changed the direction of some lives – actually many lives.  The new book, Father Benedict Groeschel, A Conversational Biography, offers a fresh perspective on the life of this extraordinary person, friend, father, friar, and Priest.  Recently, I had a chance to speak with the author, Joe Quattrocchi, about how the book came to be.

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Niketa’s Story – Every Little Thing’s Gonna’ Be Alright

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On October 26th, our South Jersey home had their annual banquet at Lucien’s Manor in Berlin, NJ. It was a lovely evening and the mothers, babies, and children at our home in Riverside will benefit greatly from the generosity of the attendees.  There was just one standing ovation that night and it was for Niketa Burke.   Niketa is a beautiful 23-year-old woman with a deep spirit.  She spoke from the heart that evening while lovingly holding her one and a half year old daughter in her arms. Read More

First Weekend Retreat for Siblings of Aborted Babies

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“I probably would not even be here if you did not have that abortion.”

This is just one sentiment expressed by many siblings of aborted babies, a sentiment that brings up a host of feelings.  They may feel guilt for being alive, yet grateful for the gift of life.  They love their parents, but are disappointed and angry over the abortion. They may question whether they were wanted.  They are desperate to understand, and more often than not, feel intense loneliness born out of the thought that they are isolated in their feelings.  They wonder, “Would my name be the same?”  Providing a safe place for those who suffer from sibling survivor guilt is crucial. Siblings who suffer because of abortion need place just for them where they can express all of their feelings without fear of judgment because of them or the fear of others judging their parent who they love.  They may also fear hurting those who are already suffering because of an abortion. Read More

Elijah Takes His First Steps

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It’s easy to get stressed out in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Sometimes, we begin to wonder what’s the point? But, then… something happens to remind us why we are doing it all in the first place. Elijah took his first steps! His mom, Kimberly, and all of us at Good Counsel relish and rejoice in such milestones. Read More

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