Elijah Takes His First Steps

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It’s easy to get stressed out in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Sometimes, we begin to wonder what’s the point? But, then… something happens to remind us why we are doing it all in the first place. Elijah took his first steps! His mom, Kimberly, and all of us at Good Counsel relish and rejoice in such milestones.

Just a few little steps on wobbly legs can reinvigorate all of us to persevere.  Elijah, as Father Benedict would often say, took the “next good step” in his young life and then he reached out for something to lean on.  Something to steady him and make him feel secure until he was ready to go again!

That’s what Good Counsel does; we are the port in the storm for homeless, pregnant women who have nowhere else to turn, for women who often have been abused or abandoned.  Many of the mothers who come to Good Counsel have slipped through the bureaucratic cracks and are gnarled up in red tape because they aren’t homeless enough for assistance that is supposed to be available in their time of need.  They don’t fit the criteria for help.  There are no criteria for help at Good Counsel.

We thank God every minute of the day for allowing us to be here to care for, support, teach, nurture, and love each woman and child that comes through our door so they can take the next good step.

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