First Weekend Retreat for Siblings of Aborted Babies

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“I probably would not even be here if you did not have that abortion.”

This is just one sentiment expressed by many siblings of aborted babies, a sentiment that brings up a host of feelings.  They may feel guilt for being alive, yet grateful for the gift of life.  They love their parents, but are disappointed and angry over the abortion. They may question whether they were wanted.  They are desperate to understand, and more often than not, feel intense loneliness born out of the thought that they are isolated in their feelings.  They wonder, “Would my name be the same?”  Providing a safe place for those who suffer from sibling survivor guilt is crucial. Siblings who suffer because of abortion need place just for them where they can express all of their feelings without fear of judgment because of them or the fear of others judging their parent who they love.  They may also fear hurting those who are already suffering because of an abortion.

Lumina has held several “Entering Canaan Day of Prayer & Healing for Siblings” where those who suffer are free to begin the healing process.  For the past three years, our Days of Prayer & Healing have provided a safe refuge for siblings from across the country as they share their feelings and work through some of the issues surrounding their lost brother or sister.

Having witnessed the overwhelming need for grace and healing, Lumina is grateful to offer our first Entering Canaan Healing Weekend for siblings of aborted babies.  This first healing weekend retreat will take place on March 13-15, 2015 at St. Gabriel’s Retreat House in Catonsville, Maryland.  Fr. Fidelis Moscinski, of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, will be our spiritual director for the weekend guiding us on a journey toward love, mercy, forgiveness, and peace.

For more information, please contact Lumina, Hope & Healing after Abortion at 877-586-4621, or via email at  Please visit our website also if you’d like to learn more about our post abortion healing ministry at

As one sibling who attended a day retreat shared, “At the Lumina retreat, I made peace with my siblings. In fact, I’ve sensed them as a benevolent presence in my life, as people whose souls were sent by God to our family and who are still linked to us.  I am thankful to Lumina for helping me to connect to them in a more spiritual way.  A lot of people have lost siblings to abortion and we need to be aware of our invisible family on the other side.  For me, it’s a comforting thought that no matter how broken my earthly family is, I still have more family members to relate to, somewhere!  And, while I may never understand God’s will, that doesn’t seem to matter so much as the love that can still possibly exist between me and my siblings, born and unborn.” ~IR

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