It's Not too Late to Give a Christmas Gift to Good Counsel

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What a great joy to be able to say we welcomed in 44 new babies inside Good Counsel’s homes this year!  Each birth is a reminder of how precious life is and how much God truly loves us and encourages us to care for the poorest of the poor…. homeless pregnant women and their babies.

As you celebrate Christmas with your family please know it is never too late to support Good Counsel with a Christmas gift. Here is a short video that I trust shows a couple of reasons why we need your help.

As you know the Christmas season is celebrated through the Epiphany (January 4, 2015) so, if you have not already done so, it is still not too late to bless us with a Christmas gift.

Make a Donation for Christmas

On behalf of all of the mothers and children with us today and who will come in the New Year, Merry Christmas and God bless you!



Christopher Bell
Executive Director

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