42 Years

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Our nation is in mourning. Thousands of lives have been lost each and every day since the passage of the Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion 42 years ago in Roe vs. Wade.

42 years

The mothers and fathers of the millions of aborted children are walking around with deep wounds, sometimes only known to themselves.  They are weighed down by the guilt and shame they have come to find are a part of their everyday life. But, they are not alone in their mourning.

Grandparents are mourning for the grandchildren they never got to hold; aunts and uncles are grieving for lives lost. Living siblings are aware that “something is not right,” even if they are not consciously aware of their parents abortion experience. Friends are agonizing for those they hold dear and know are in so much pain. Mothers wonder why their daughters are depressed and fathers are sure something has happened to their child, but do not know what. The impact of abortion cuts deeply into the fabric of our society.

The Lumina Ministry, a program of Good Counsel, Inc., was brought into existence to shine the light of hope and healing on those suffering because of a past abortion. Located in the Greater New York Area, the program provides referrals to people across the country and the world to professional counselors, ministries, and clergy of every denomination as well as to peer counselors. In addition, Lumina provides seminars and training by leading experts for mental health professionals and clergy throughout the country on the dynamics of abortion in an attempt increase awareness so that those seeking help will be able to find the assistance they need.

Through public speaking, education, and media outreach, Lumina confronts the myths and lies surrounding the aftermath of abortion while offering hope and healing to those present who may be suffering. It never fails that after every talk, numerous people whom abortion has touched seek out the help that has eluded them, often times, for years. The gratitude expressed is overwhelming as those whose lives are broken have heard a hint of hope for the first time.

It is time to offer solace to those in mourning, to let them know they are not alone, that they are not crazy, and that they are not hopeless. There are places to go and people to help them.

To contact Lumina, please call 1-877-Lumina1, visit us on the web at www.postabortionhelp.org, or email us at Lumina@postabortionhelp.org.




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