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February 2015 - Good Counsel

We Need Your Support To Help Keep The Heat On

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I don’t have to tell you that it’s cold outside!  If you have noticed the news this winter, the northeast is in the grip of a bitterly cold season.  I thought you might be interested in hearing from one of our Good Counsel moms, Jennifer, who spoke to Joe Quattrocchi about how grateful she is to be in a warm home. Read More

We Want to See You!

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You may have seen the pictures already on our Facebook page, Twitter, and Pinterest. We have begun our celebration of 30 years of helping mothers, babies, and children. We’ve been snapping pictures for a couple of months of our supporters and friends. Now we’d like to see you! Won’t you join us in showing your support for Good Counsel Homes?

We’d love to hear from you – whether it’s a post, or message, or picture! Just post it to our Facebook page, Tweet us, or pin to our 30th Anniversary Pinterest Board. We’ll be celebrating all year long, but right now we are counting down to the actual anniversary date which is March 10th! Read More

The Journey to Sacrificial Love

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On Ash Wednesday, February 18th, we will begin our journey to Easter.  Won’t you join us on the Journey to Sacrificial Love?  Good Counsel will once again offer a free Lenten series.  On each day of Lent, you will receive an email with a devotional, spiritual reflection, and a short prayer to accompany you as you walk the path from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.

Please visit our Lenten Invite page today for an easy, one-step sign-up so you don’t miss a day of what promises to be a beautiful way to live out Lent this year.  Be sure to share The Journey with your friends and family. Read More

Suite Inspiration to Accompany Your Lenten Journey

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“Music is the exaltation of the mind derived from things eternal, bursting forth in sound.” St. Thomas Aquinas

Join Suite Inspiration for a musical journey through the awe inspiring final days of Jesus’ earthly life to the glory of Easter. On Sunday, March 15, 2015, at 7:00 pm, join us for “The Passion, Death, and Glory of Jesus Christ.” The concert will be held at the Church of the Sacred Heart, 103 Fourth Street, Riverton, New Jersey 08077. Read More

Do You Have a Taste for Life?

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We are so excited about this upcoming event! “A Taste for Life” is a celebrity & amateur chef cook-off that promises to be a fantastic evening.  Come enjoy an evening of great food for a great cause on Tuesday, March 10, 2015, 6:30 pm.  All proceeds from the event will benefit Good Counsel Homes in their efforts to raise money to help support their organization.

Sponsored by Richmond County Referral Source, Inc., we are pleased to have Janet Morana as our Guest of Honor.  Featured on the Defending Life television series on EWTN, Janet is co-host of The Catholic View for Women also seen on EWTN.  She is the co-founder of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign. In 2009, the international Legatus organization bestowed upon her the Cardinal John O’Connor Pro-life Hall of Fame Award. She is the author of Recall Abortion, published by Saint Benedict Press in 2013. Read More

Pregnant & Suffering From a Past Abortion?

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As happy as you may be, being pregnant after having had an abortion can sometimes be difficult, bringing with it stress and many unresolved feelings. Very often, women express thoughts that take away the joy that should be theirs in learning of their pregnancy. Many women relate feelings of living in fear of punishment by God for the entire nine months of their pregnancy. They do not think they are worthy or deserving of being a mother.

God does not want to rob you of the beauty of your motherhood, in fact, He wants you to embrace it! Addressing your past abortion with someone who can help you may help to alleviate any fears you are having. As one women said, “Talk about your feelings with others who have experienced this, get lots of rest, eat healthy, stay connected to God, and know that your mind/body is going through huge changes which you have no control over and it is ok to be afraid.” Read More

What Are Those Friars Up to Now?

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There are always exciting things happening with the Friars of the Renewal.  Their latest project, I am sure, has Father Benedict smiling down from Heaven – or purgatory as he would have claimed.

Twin brothers & Brothers, Angelus and Innocent Montgomery, have begun a new adventure, a TV show called “ICONS: Real People. Real Presence.”  As their Facebook page states, it will be a “show celebrating young people who heroically live the faith.” Read More

Perseverance in All Things

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When Krystal arrived at Good Counsel in October of 2013, she was 31 years old and six months pregnant.  Krystal did have an apartment, but due to a complication of her pregnancy that caused unexpected medical bills and loss of work, she was forced to give up her independence and move in with a friend.

Her living situation was only a temporary fix and quickly deteriorated and soon she would be homeless with no support or help.  Unfortunately, Krystal would fall into the “not homeless enough” category at the Department of Homeless Services of New York which means little, but most likely no assistance with shelter, food, or finances. Read More

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