Pregnant & Suffering From a Past Abortion?

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As happy as you may be, being pregnant after having had an abortion can sometimes be difficult, bringing with it stress and many unresolved feelings. Very often, women express thoughts that take away the joy that should be theirs in learning of their pregnancy. Many women relate feelings of living in fear of punishment by God for the entire nine months of their pregnancy. They do not think they are worthy or deserving of being a mother.

God does not want to rob you of the beauty of your motherhood, in fact, He wants you to embrace it! Addressing your past abortion with someone who can help you may help to alleviate any fears you are having. As one women said, “Talk about your feelings with others who have experienced this, get lots of rest, eat healthy, stay connected to God, and know that your mind/body is going through huge changes which you have no control over and it is ok to be afraid.”

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We invite women who are currently pregnant and tormented because of a past abortion to a Day of Prayer & Healing especially for you.  Come.  Begin your healing journey.  Experience God’s hope & mercy and enjoy your pregnancy!  Saturday, April 25, 2015, Bronx, New York.  For further information and confidential registration contact Theresa at Lumina 1-877-586-4621 or

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