Former Good Counsel Baby Now a Superhero!

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It’s hard to believe spring is finally here… soon we’ll all be complaining about how hot it is. When it was back-to-school time, we checked in with Molly and her daughter Ariana. Molly is an Exodus Mom, who came to the door of our Staten Island home on the run from an abusive relationship, and 7 months pregnant. We were so happy to tell you about their new life and that Ariana was starting kindergarten!

Ariana has been excelling in school all year, and just a few weeks ago she came home with the “SUPERHERO AWARD” for Courage! Ariana’s mom explained what her teacher had told her about the award. “Each month they discuss a different core virtue, and then they give the award to the student who most exemplifies that virtue.” The Courage Award, the teacher went on, is given to a student “willing to step outside of their comfort zone, try new things, work with new people, and take on difficult tasks they aren’t sure about.”

ariana 1 3.15Every time Ariana’s teacher asked her to work with a new group of students, Ariana rose to the occasion, showing great bravery and courage in doing so. When some of her peers are reluctant to try new things, Ariana takes on the challenge. Ariana is also honing her public speaking skills when she comes to the front of the classroom to present what she and her partner or group are working on. There are a large number of adults that won’t do that!

I think we can safely say Ariana has inherited her mother’s bravery and courage!

We can’t wait to see what Ariana does during the next 12 years of school! I’m sure we will have many good stories to tell you. Please keep Ariana and her mom, Molly, in your prayers. Also, please pray that our door remain open to all homeless, pregnant mothers who need our help so we can get them out of the dark and the rain and the fear to love, life, and hope!

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