Would your COO do this?

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Is it okay to say that winter is officially over and we are done with snow? Are we in the clear?  I hope so!

During one of the most recent snowstorms, it was discovered that one of our Good Counsel children was out of diapers. We have many generous individuals and groups that donate diapers over the course of a year, but our children go through them very fast. In this specific case the child needed a size 6 diaper, which none of the local stores carried.

Sandra Jones, Good Counsel’s Chief Operational Officer, was in the home at the time and declared that Good Counsel will always meet the needs of its children!

Sandra Jones, COO

Sandra Jones, COO

After an hour on the phone to local stores in the Bronx, it was discovered that the closest store with a size 6 diaper was in White Plains, New York, Westchester County. Despite the dangerous road conditions and the heavy snow warnings, Sandra drove and hour and ten minutes to the nearest store she could find that carried size 6 diapers and then back to the Bronx house. Why? Because some things in life can’t wait!

I don’t know how many other organizations can boast of a COO so invested in the needs of the people in their care, but we can!

Diapers come in all shapes and sizes as do our Good Counsel children and we always want to be able to provide the diapers they need, especially if their mothers can’t afford them.

Will you help Good Counsel keep up its diaper supply for our little ones?

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We shop very economically and do our best to buy in bulk. Obviously, prices change with different sizes, but on average we spend $0.125 per diaper, which translates to $25 a day for a large box of 200 diapers.

In a typical month all of the children in all of our Good Counsel homes will use close to 6,000 diapers! This amounts to $750. During Good Counsel’s Online Diaper Drive we have a goal of $4,500. This will keep our closets filled with diapers for the next six months.

Would you please consider a gift of…

  • $25 for a one day supply of diapers
  • $100 for a few days’ supply of diapers
  • Or in celebration of our 30th Anniversary a gift of $300 for an almost two week supply of diapers?

Please contribute however much you can so that all of our children will be well taken care of.

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Remember, some things in life just can’t wait!

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