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April 2015 - Good Counsel

Staff Are the Secret to Good Counsel’s Success

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On March 10th Good Counsel celebrated its 30th anniversary and we also had a special Mass and reception on March 21st. Perhaps you may have attended either event, but even if you did, I would like for you to take a look at our Online 30th Anniversary Journal.

Some components are duplicated from what we handed out in a printed copy, but other anniversary features, like an interview I did, are available exclusively here online.

Here is a small sample… Read More

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Happy Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel!

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Today is the Feast Day of Our Lady of Good Counsel.  Please join us in prayer and thanksgiving for all of Our Lady’s blessings during the last 30 years as we have carried out our ministry of serving homeless, pregnant women and their children.

Throughout the world your gracious image is given an honored place.  O Mother of Good Counsel, Star of the Sea, to you we turn for light to guide our uncertain steps through life. Read More

Never Too Young To Start

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When we are baptized as infants, our godparents and parents agree to our baptismal promises for us. As we get older, we are held accountable to live up to those promises. Olivia, a young parishioner from The Church of St. Isaac Jagues in Marlton, New Jersey, demonstrates that you are never too young to begin to answer the baptismal call to serve.  For more information on how to answer the call to serve, contact JoAnn at (609) 387-2928 or Joann_Dinoia@GoodCounselHomes.Org. Read More

It’s Still Easter!

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1-Recently Updated1What a celebration we had at Good Counsel over the Feast of all feasts! Our moms, babies, children, staff, and volunteers celebrated our Resurrected Lord with thanksgiving, prayer, fun, and fellowship.

Easter breakfast at one of our homes was lovingly made by our generous staff member, Amy, who brought in all of her supplies and all of the food.  We’re told the bunny pancakes were fantastic and our babies gobbled them up. Rumor has that Amy’s mom, also a GC staffer, had made Christmas breakfast last year and the competition was on! Read More

Rented Wombs & Misguided Compassion

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“Third party, or assisted, reproduction uses another person’s eggs, sperm or womb to create a child. Though called donations and altruistic – a way for a couple who cannot conceive or carry a baby to have a family – money is usually exchanged, creating an incentive that can be coercive.”

Read More

Celebrating Mary’s Motherhood

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MCSI itineraryGood Counsel is very excited to announce its participation in the First Annual Marian Conference!  On Saturday, May 9, 2015 we will celebrate Mary’s Motherhood from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 Sts. Joachim and Ann Church (on the grounds of Mt. Loretto), 6581 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, New York.

The day will begin with a Rosary Procession and May Crowning. Saturday Mass will be celebrated with Fr. Andrew Apostoli, CFR, as the Main Celebrant. Christopher Bell, Executive Director of Good Counsel Homes, Ed Mechman, Director, Safe Environment Program, Archdiocese of New York, Marietta Canning, Foundress and President of the Pro-Life Elderly and Homebound Club, Inc., will provide short talks on the motherhood of Mary. Read More

We Love Our Volunteers!

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April 12th – 18th is National Volunteers Week, and we are blessed and grateful for the countless volunteers who show up at Good Counsel each day!

“National Volunteer Week, a program established by Points of Light in 1974, is about inspiring, recognizing, and encouraging people to seek out imaginative ways to engage in their communities. It’s about demonstrating to the nation that by working together, we have the fortitude to meet our challenges and accomplish our goals.”[1] Read More

Divine Mercy & the Postabortive Soul

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Jesus: My mercy is greater than your sins and those of the entire world.  (Divine Mercy in My Soul, The Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska, 85)

I love the Easter season that speaks so loudly of God’s great mercy and forgiveness.  It is a time of great grace, drawing in those who have been lost, back to the heart of Christ, who is Mercy Himself.

With over 56 million abortions in our country since 1973, there are millions of people separated from God because of abortion, and whether we realize it or not, it has touched each one of our lives.

It may be your wife who struggles with intimacy, or maybe it is your mother who suffers from depression, or your father who is emotionally unavailable.  It may be your husband who pressured a girlfriend to abort while in college.

Maybe it is your close friend who said she had to work and was unable to come to your baby shower, or, perhaps you could not believe that your sister missed her nephew’s first birthday party.  The truth is, many post abortive people find events like these painful, and they often find excuses not to attend.

As one father told me, “I used to be so close to my daughter.  We sent her away to college, and it was never the same after that.  We kept trying to figure out what went wrong.  It was not until years later that we found out she had an abortion.  I wish she had felt she could come to us.  I keep beating myself up wondering what I did that caused her to feel she could not.  Not only did I lose my grandchild but I lost the daughter I once had.  She is always so sad and I wonder if she will ever be herself again.”  BC

Millions of women and men suffer in silence and isolation because of a past abortion.  Most feel they have committed the unforgivable sin, but no sin is unforgivable to God.  Jesus assured us of this when he told St Faustina, our sins, no matter what they are, are like a drop in the ocean of His mercy.

Our work at Lumina continues to reach tens of thousands of people touched by abortion each year, through talks, trainings, media, and retreats.  Along with women’s retreats, we have retreats specifically for post-abortive fathers and we are the only healing ministry offering a retreat for siblings and couples who aborted because of an adverse diagnosis.

One sibling recently wrote, “It is difficult to put into words the great peace and comfort that I received when I participated in the Day of Prayer and Healing for Siblings.  Meeting six other retreatants who knew personally the pain and grief of losing a sibling to abortion made me feel less alone in my loss.  As a child, I can remember feeling like someone was missing from my family.  During my teen years, I pushed those thoughts away because it seemed not true or possible.  Six years ago, when I learned my mom had an abortion four years before I was born, suddenly everything that didn’t make sense to me came into focus…I would recommend this retreat to anyone who lost a sibling to abortion.”  JAMS

The need is staggering, as you can imagine.  It is only through your financial aid that we can continue to offer help to those living in abortion’s darkness.  Won’t you help us bring Christ’s light to those who feel unforgivable and lost?  May we, in this season of mercy bring them to Mercy Himself, the only true Healer!

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Jesus, we trust in You!

In His Mercy,

Theresa Bonopartis
Director, Lumina, Hope, & Healing After Abortion


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