At 30, Good Counsel is Fiscally Fit!

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Andchart1 our fiscal fitness is thanks to you, our Good Counsel Family!  Here are some of the highlights of what you have made possible…

*  Good Counsel is the largest private residence for homeless mothers and babies in the United States

*  We have raised over $20 million over the 5 year period 2009-2013, averaging about $4 million per year

*  In 2014, $4.8 million was raised from over 11,000 donors across the US

*  Good Counsel receives no money from the government

*  Without including the value of thousands of hours of volunteer professionals and the full donated value of goods, 78% of funds went directly to the care of moms and babies

chart2Looking ahead…

*  A down payment was made, and funds reserved to purchase its home in South Jersey for $385,000

*  $150,000 has been reserved to reopen the Staten Island home

*  A cash balance that is approximately 4 times its average monthly expenses, a ratio that excludes all designated donations and reserved funds

For more information about what your help has accomplished, click here.

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