Holy Saturday, A Day of Waiting

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From our Lenten Reflection Series, a Journey to Sacrificial Love

No Mass or Readings for Today

As we read in Genesis, God rests on the seventh day and we are encouraged likewise to rest. As Christians today we refer to Sunday as the seventh day, but during this Lenten season, we also have the opportunity to rest on this day and to wait for the climax to our “Journey to Sacrificial Love,” Easter Sunday!

Spiritually speaking, Holy Saturday may be one of the most neglected days of the year. Many churches will have a Tenebrae service in the morning and soon after start decorating for the Easter Vigil which will occur near sunset tonight. Perhaps it may be better for all of us to spend some time waiting, just as the disciples waited, the Blessed Mother waited, and the other women who followed Jesus.


Jesus rose on the third day and there is something valuable about taking a day, this day of Holy Saturday, and reflecting on the patience needed to wait.

At Good Counsel our mothers need to learn to wait for a number of things, notably the nine months of pregnancy, but also the time it takes to complete their education, find a job, and to locate an apartment. Waiting is a necessary part of our human experience.

Prayer For Today: Holy Lord, Easter is so close I can taste it and I want my journey to sacrificial love to be over now. Help me to patiently wait for the right time in all things so that I may fully celebrate all that life has to offer. Amen.

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