Never Too Young To Start

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When we are baptized as infants, our godparents and parents agree to our baptismal promises for us. As we get older, we are held accountable to live up to those promises. Olivia, a young parishioner from The Church of St. Isaac Jagues in Marlton, New Jersey, demonstrates that you are never too young to begin to answer the baptismal call to serve.  For more information on how to answer the call to serve, contact JoAnn at (609) 387-2928 or Joann_Dinoia@GoodCounselHomes.Org.

baby bottle - little girlEncouraged by her mother, tiny Olivia hands a baby bottle to Tony, a member of the Knights of Columbus, Blessed Kateri Tekawitha Council #12229. Almost 2-year-old Olivia is learning how to love her neighbor. Once all of the baby bottles are handed out, filled, and then returned, Olivia will have learned and taught a valuable life lesson, that there is always some way you can help someone in need.

A baby bottle campaign is an easy and fun way to raise money for the moms and babies of Good Counsel, and all ages can be involved! It’s a great way to introduce children to the idea of charity and what it means to care for others.

Do you want to help Good Counsel reach out to more people? We are currently looking for motivated individuals to serve as ambassadors for Good Counsel Homes.  You can help by scheduling one of our speakers at a parish, speak at a parish, or schedule and speak at a parish.  We will compensate you for each scheduled parish and there is an additional stipend for each parish you speak at during a weekend. Good Counsel’s crisis pregnancy helpline receives phone calls from across the US.  Your help is needed regardless of where you live as we stretch our pro-life work nationwide.

For more information, please contact JoAnn at (609) 387-2928 or Joann_Dinoia@GoodCounselHomes.Org.

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