Rented Wombs & Misguided Compassion

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“Third party, or assisted, reproduction uses another person’s eggs, sperm or womb to create a child. Though called donations and altruistic – a way for a couple who cannot conceive or carry a baby to have a family – money is usually exchanged, creating an incentive that can be coercive.”


Good Counsel mothers, truly, poor mothers all over the world, are being tempted and in some places coerced, to give of themselves in inhuman ways. They are being asked to donate the very eggs which conceive their children. Just as inhuman, they are being asked to have their wombs bear children for other couples. This is neither natural nor moral.

Women are not told what will truly happen to all their eggs. Nor are they told what will happen to the children conceived, many of whom will be killed shortly after conception. In other cases women’s wombs are being “rented” to bear children for other couples. What sounds like a great, sacrificial act of self-giving is actually misguided compassion which misuses one person and results in the death of many other conceived children.

Read the rest of Egg Trafficking and and Rented Wombs: UN Learns How Not to Make Babies over at C-FAM.

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