How Far Do You Walk to Work?

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Kadiya is a lovely young lady from South Africa. She is currently 7½ months pregnant and living in our Spring Valley Home. One of the main goals for all of the mothers whom we serve is to help them find steady, productive employment that will allow them to take care of themselves and their baby. Sometimes the process can be long and difficult as many of the women who come to Good Counsel have traumas to heal from, need encouragement and guidance to believe in themselves and their ability, and then they feel confident to look for work.

Kadiya is the exception. Determined to find work as soon as possible, she struck out on her own, walking around her new environment in search of work. She did get lost on more than a few occasions but always found her way. Roughly two miles away from the Spring Valley home one day, Kadiya happened upon the Days Inn where she asked to speak to someone about a job.

Kadiyas walk to workAnd that was that. Kadiya is now employed by the Days Inn. She walks 40 minutes to and from work every day at 7½ months pregnant! She is the very definition of determination and has inspired some of the other mothers in the home in their quest to find employment. Kadiya actually prefers to walk to work and plans to continue as long as she is able. Fortunately, the Days Inn has already told her that she can return after her baby is born.

We could all learn something from Kadiya’s determination and discipline. Please say a prayer for Kadiya and her baby that they are safe on their walk to work each day. Please also pray for all of the mothers in our care here at Good Counsel, that they take the necessary steps toward a new life with confidence and grace.

Our Lady of Good Counsel, Pray for Us.




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