New House Manager Faces Baby Boom in the Bronx

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Carina Scecchitano began her work as House Manager of our Bronx home on March 4, 2015.   She would only have a few weeks to get acclimated before the baby boom – that is four healthy, happy babies arriving within days of one another, three girls and a boy. Carina was busy but blessed to be part of all of their entrances into the world. Roseanna, Xania, Savannah, and Isaac all continue to do well as do their mothers. Somehow, Carina found the time to answer a few questions about her first couple of months on the job.

Q.  How did you come to work for Good Counsel?

Carina with Roseanna (R) & Xania (L) who were both born on March 25th, the Feast of the Annunciation

Carina with Roseanna (R) & Xania (L) who were both born on March 25th, the Feast of the Annunciation

A.  Growing up near Poughkeepsie, I had always known about Good Counsel Homes. While I had been doing various youth and young adult ministries for the past 3 years, I knew that my calling had always been to work with women and children. Running a home for pregnant women in need was something I had dreamed about for a while. When a friend of mine shared Good Counsel’s job posting for a house manager, I knew I was being called to transition from my youth ministry work to this ministry. Good Counsel allows me to incorporate all of my various ministry experiences and my education in serving homeless, pregnant women, their babies and children which I have always felt the call to do.

Q.  How did you manage the “Bronx Baby Boom?

A.  The first two months I was here, two babies were born on the same day, and then two others were born in the same week. All have been such a blessing! It has definitely been hectic, spending time in four different hospitals and ensuring things were ready for moms to bring babies back home, but definitely a blessing. All four babies were born healthy and without complications, praise God! And all four moms have been doing very well with their new babies.

Q.  What are your hopes and plans for the Bronx home?

A.  My immediate plan is for the Bronx to perform, in every aspect, according to the standards and goals set by Good Counsel. The Bronx home is Good Counsel’s largest home in the busy South Bronx area, so one of the challenges is making sure the building itself feels like home, and not a shelter. Being in the city is, at the same time, a blessing. With the number of resources, volunteers, priests, brothers, and sisters so plentiful around us, my hope is to reach out to those in the community to lend their time and talents in our home. I feel deeply that the presence of others will help our moms realize that they are not alone and that they too are valuable members of Christ’s body, the Church.

Q.  What would you like people to know about the women and children in your care?

A.  Something I want people to know (or be reminded of) about the women in our care is that these are women who have chosen life, even though it means embracing the Cross that comes with that choice. While they may have made mistakes in their past or have been put into circumstances beyond their control, they all clearly understood that it is the gift of life that has been given to them by God. They do realize that they had other options and that they will have to sacrifice the little they do have for their children, yet, they still choose life. They should not only be supported in their choice, but admired. There is much they willingly admit they can learn, but they do already understand that life is the pearl of great price.

Finally, there is one other thing I would like to share and that is my favorite part about these new births. The first two births since I’ve been in the home happened on the same day, March 25th, the Feast of the Annunciation of Our Lord which is also the anniversary of my personal Consecration to Mary. Her intercession granted me such a beautiful gift from God on that special day as I was able to celebrate in joy with two of our moms!

Stay tuned to our blog for more Q&A’s with our dedicated staff here at Good Counsel and there’s always baby news!

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