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Mother’s Day is an emotionally charged day all around. It can evoke happy emotions with brunches and dinners, flowers and gifts, and other ways to honor the mothers in our lives for all that they do. Mother’s Day can also be anxiety inducing – especially for a young woman who just gave birth to her first child, or is pregnant with little or no support from family or friends.

Here at Good Counsel we strive to make Mother’s Day a positive and uplifting day for all of our moms. This year we asked for your help in offering words of support and encouragement to our moms. We received well over 100 responses to our request and those sentiments were distributed throughout our homes to all of our mothers.  

Reading the beautiful words of encouragement and prayers from you, our moms were just overwhelmed. Some of our moms have never been recognized in any special way on Mother’s Day. Others expressed how no one in their lives had ever expressed belief in them before coming to Good Counsel. “No one ever told me that I could do what I wanted to do,” said one of our precious mothers.


In addition to your notes, every one of our mothers received flowers in honor of their courage to say, “Yes!” to life. Our homes were filled with the aroma of delicious home-made brunches and dinners. A group of moms at one home received gift cards from a nearby generous parish and another group attended a baby shower thrown by the students at Cardinal Spellman High School.

Thank you for making Mother’s Day beautiful for our moms at Good Counsel. Please continue to pray for us as we will for you.

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