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June 2015 - Good Counsel

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Celebrate Father Benedict’s Life with Good Counsel

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Father Benedict Groeschel, CFR, served as Good Counsel’s Chairman of the Board of Directors from its beginning until his death on October 3, 2014 which was the feast of St. Francis of Assisi.  On July 23, the date of his birth, we will celebrate life by giving thanks for Father Benedict and all that he accomplished for the poorest of the poor and the mothers and babies of Good Counsel.

Following are the details if you would like to join us in a humble birthday celebration for the life of Father Benedict. Read More

From Homeless to Home Health Aide

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One of the most important goals we have for our Good Counsel moms is steady, secure, employment and not just a job – we work with our moms to map out the steps to a career. While staying at a Good Counsel home, each mom works with the House Manager and other staff members to flesh out what it is they would like to do. We talk about their skills and experience and then together, develop a plan to help them reach their goals. Leaving a Good Counsel home with stable employment is how we break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. Read More

“Hello God!”

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Eva Newton is the House Manager at our Riverside home. She recently sent me this short story of one of her days. Please enjoy the, “Musings of a House Manager.”

On June 12th, we had Mass in our home and a priest from our local parish came to bless us with his presence. Father is a tall, rather imposing fellow, with white hair, and a heart the size of Texas. We have a young girl who comes to our home for daycare every day. Her name is Erica. Erica was born in our home and lived here for several years. She is, in her own way, a very imposing little person because she is very smart, highly opinionated, and has an ability to communicate beyond her years. During Mass, she finds it hard to sit and listen. So, while her intentions are good, she often has to be taken out to be quieted down as she bounces about, jumps up and down, and even talks to herself. During Mass, the priest commented that it would be so great if we knew what the problem was when a child cries. Read More

So Many Years, So Many Memories

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p.s.I was just looking at the first few pages of Good Counsel’s 30th anniversary online journal and I am still struck by seeing a few photos of Father Benedict Groeschel, our deceased co-founder, who helped us in so many ways begin this work back in 1985.

As many of you know, Father Benedict passed away last year on the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi, and we at Good Counsel still mourn the loss of the Franciscan Friar of the Renewal who served as our Chairman of the Board of Directors from our start right up until his death.

If you have not already done so, I invite you now to view Good Counsel’s 30th anniversary online journal.

There are interesting photos, stories, and reflections covering our three decades, and an inspirational message from Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York.

The prayers of so many, including Father Benedict, have helped Good Counsel tremendously over the last 30 years. Let us now look forward in prayer to a brighter future that cares more lovingly for homeless mothers and their children.


Christopher Bell
Good Counsel Executive Director

Good Counsel & Lumina, Hope & Healing After Abortion

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Some people may wonder why Good Counsel Homes has Lumina, a post abortive ministry that refers those suffering from a past abortion to the help they need in order to heal. After all, Good Counsel houses homeless, pregnant women who are seeking help in having their unborn children.

As true as this is, a number of the women have also experienced abortion, and while many may not venture to deal with the pain that it has caused in their lives, there are those who do want to look, and there are those whose current emotions and actions are impacted by their past abortions. Read More

Urgent Summer Need!

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Right now every one of our homes is at full capacity!  Summer is a crucial time for Good Counsel. We need a total of $10,400 each and every day to provide food, healthcare, and basic necessities for the mothers and babies in our care. Falling short could mean we don’t have enough to help the next mother who comes to our door – and we can’t let that happen!

Our need is immediate. Will you give today? Read More

Good Counsel Celebrates Father’s Day

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At Good Counsel we appreciate the many fathers who lovingly sacrifice in order to build strong families and to help their local community.

The bedrock of healthy societies are stable families headed by a father and a mother.  Naturally Good Counsel spends quite a bit of time caring for homeless, single mothers and their children, but we know that many fine men do support our work. In essence, they are current day St. Joseph’s, foster fathers to our children. Read More

12 Things to Know About a Good Counsel Mom

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  1. She comes from many walks of life. Any woman, at any time could find herself in the situation of needing Good Counsel.
  2. She welcomes new mothers to the home with a smile.
  3. She learns to trust as a result of being in our homes, trust in herself, trust in others, and trust in God.
  4. She will help the other mothers in the home whenever it’s needed.
  5. She may or may not have a high school diploma, about half do. She may have some college credits. One of our current moms has a Ph.D.
  6. Read More

Happy Flag Day from our Baby Sailor!

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flag dayFlag Day is a great opportunity to learn more about our Flag and to give thanks for all it represents. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness… things we all want. At Good Counsel Homes, our mission is to help homeless, pregnant women begin a new life. We empower them with education and career counseling to find a new freedom, one in which they can support themselves and provide for their family. We encourage spiritual growth in the pursuit of happiness, for where else is true happiness found?

Our little baby sailor in the photograph was all dressed up for the recent Memorial Day Parade that our moms and babies attended. All branches of the service were represented in the parade, but when our House Manager spotted this sailor – she just had to ask for a picture of the two together!

Please pray, as we do every day, that every conceived baby has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We mourn that our nation allows and promotes the great discrimination against babies allowing abortion from the first moment of conception until the moment of birth. Lord help save our nation. Read More

Deacon Baptizes Over 200 Babies & Children at Good Counsel

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Deacon Peter Venezia and his wife, Jo-Ann, are two of our most dedicated volunteers and supporters here at Good Counsel. In addition to sitting on our Board of Directors, they have spent countless hours in all of our homes and Deacon Peter has baptized over 200 babies and children along the way. Ordained in 1993, Deacon Peter and Jo-Ann are parishioners of St. Joseph’s in Spring Valley, N.Y. He and Jo-Ann have been married for 48 years and have one adult son who lives and teaches in China. I recently had a chance to find out a little bit more about these two special people.

Q.  How did you get involved with Good Counsel Homes? Read More

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