12 Things to Know About a Good Counsel Mom

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  1. She comes from many walks of life. Any woman, at any time could find herself in the situation of needing Good Counsel.
  2. She welcomes new mothers to the home with a smile.
  3. She learns to trust as a result of being in our homes, trust in herself, trust in others, and trust in God.
  4. She will help the other mothers in the home whenever it’s needed.
  5. She may or may not have a high school diploma, about half do. She may have some college credits. One of our current moms has a Ph.D.
  6. She wants to make a difference in her and her baby’s life, even though she has been told that she can’t or won’t be. She wants to be the mom that her mom wasn’t able to be.
  7. She is proud to show off her baby to visitors.
  8. She strives to break cycles of trauma and despair with a desire for hope and faith, built on prayer.
  9. She enjoys helping around the home without being asked.
  10. She takes pride in her room, keeping it clean and tidy and she likes to be recognized for it!
  11. Before coming to Good Counsel, she believed she had absolutely no where to go and no one to turn to.
  12. She is appreciative of our supporters. As one of our moms said, “I am so surprised that strangers I will never meet are happy to support me. I could pass them on the street and would not know who they are, yet, my family and friends turned their back on me when I needed them most.”

For 30 years, Good Counsel has provided a real home for a pregnant woman who has nowhere else to go. Once at Good Counsel, she finds shelter, safety, encouragement, guidance, and love and for all of it, she is so very grateful.

We can’t continue to carry out our mission without your help. There are many ways to support Good Counsel Homes, whether it be financially, by volunteering, spreading the word about our mission, or most importantly, prayerfully.

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” ~Mother Teresa



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