From Homeless to Home Health Aide

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One of the most important goals we have for our Good Counsel moms is steady, secure, employment and not just a job – we work with our moms to map out the steps to a career. While staying at a Good Counsel home, each mom works with the House Manager and other staff members to flesh out what it is they would like to do. We talk about their skills and experience and then together, develop a plan to help them reach their goals. Leaving a Good Counsel home with stable employment is how we break the cycle of poverty and homelessness.

One mom recently arrived at Good Counsel with her two-month-old baby after having found herself with no other place to go. We are glad she knocked on our door! She told us that she had worked as a home health aide before but had stopped working for a while. We worked with her to get her re-certified as a home health aide. She recently passed the necessary exams and is now in the orientation phase of her re-entry into the workforce. We are so proud of her!

Curin HHA

Ready for Home Health Aide Orientation!

While she takes the necessary steps to improve her life, her baby is lovingly cared for by staff and volunteers. She does not want to stop there, however, and is interested in becoming an R.N., and we certainly will help in whatever ways to help her make her dreams come true.

Understandably, the women that come to our homes can be emotionally shut down after having been through a myriad of horrible circumstances. Not only do we work moms to achieve necessary, practical goals, we also try to heal any emotional wounds from whatever may have happened before Good Counsel. Sometimes it is difficult for our moms to show emotions. But with time and love and guidance, trust is learned and earned. Our moms are then better able to express pride in themselves and gratitude for our help.

Please keep our aspiring nurse and her baby in your prayers. Let us pray for the intercession of St. Catherine of Siena, Patroness of Nurses, that she achieves her goals.

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