Good Counsel & Lumina, Hope & Healing After Abortion

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Some people may wonder why Good Counsel Homes has Lumina, a post abortive ministry that refers those suffering from a past abortion to the help they need in order to heal. After all, Good Counsel houses homeless, pregnant women who are seeking help in having their unborn children.

As true as this is, a number of the women have also experienced abortion, and while many may not venture to deal with the pain that it has caused in their lives, there are those who do want to look, and there are those whose current emotions and actions are impacted by their past abortions.

Lumina also does trainings for clergy, staff, professional therapists, and lay people to educate about post abortion. The importance of the Good Counsel staff having a knowledge of post abortion stress is invaluable. In fact, it has been key in turning abortion minded women around.

Post abortion trauma manifests itself in many different ways. Understanding the dynamics helps the staff minister to the moms in ways they may not otherwise do so, by making them aware of why there may be certain behaviors.

Abortion makes women much more vulnerable to repeat abortions, much more likely to feel they are not deserving of a child, and prone to host of other dynamics, including feelings of being  “worthless,” being “unforgivable,” and “abandoned.” We cannot change the past, but we can help to mold the future.

We can care for each individual soul, not only because we want them to give life to their unborn children, but because we manifest Christ’s love and see their innate value and dignity as children of God, something too many in their lives have not done because of their own wounds.

Previous abortions may be just one of many issues the women are dealing with, but it is an important one. Through the caring staff of Good Counsel, these women can be loved into the arms of Him who is Love, where they will learn their true worth and gain the courage and knowledge to change their lives.

Of course, Lumina’s work goes far beyond Good Counsel as we reach out to all those suffering from a past abortion in the hope of getting them the help they need to heal.

Please keep Good Counsel and Lumina in your prayers as we strive to continue to be instruments of God’s mercy to others, both before and after abortion.






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