“Hello God!”

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Eva Newton is the House Manager at our Riverside home. She recently sent me this short story of one of her days. Please enjoy the, “Musings of a House Manager.”

On June 12th, we had Mass in our home and a priest from our local parish came to bless us with his presence. Father is a tall, rather imposing fellow, with white hair, and a heart the size of Texas. We have a young girl who comes to our home for daycare every day. Her name is Erica. Erica was born in our home and lived here for several years. She is, in her own way, a very imposing little person because she is very smart, highly opinionated, and has an ability to communicate beyond her years. During Mass, she finds it hard to sit and listen. So, while her intentions are good, she often has to be taken out to be quieted down as she bounces about, jumps up and down, and even talks to herself. During Mass, the priest commented that it would be so great if we knew what the problem was when a child cries.

So, Mass ended and one of our loving volunteers proceeds to take Erica out to get her time to play and to take some of her energy and put it to good use.

Upon her return, Erica bounds down the hall and pops into the dining room where Father is enjoying some coffee, cake, and conversation with the staff. Upon seeing him again, she sweetly speaks up and says, “Hello God!”

For just a moment there is silence… followed by laughter from all of us in the room.

That moment refreshed my soul for the whole day because, yes, that little child had met God, for God is within all of us. Every moment of every day we can find him and greet him in various ways. So, while as an adult I had thought Erica had received very little of our short hour of prayer – she had received the abundant truth – that the tall man with the white hair who had blessed her forehead was… like her… the very essence of God.

Help me, Lord, in the rushing of the day to find you. Amen

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