It’s Independence Day!

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On July 4th, we celebrate our country’s independence, freedom, and new life in the United States of America. Many of our moms at Good Counsel feel their independence was gone forever after having lived under oppressive, and often dangerous, circumstances. Before coming to Good Counsel, many moms felt they had no voice or choice. Because of you, our moms have found a new freedom – freedom that comes from feeling cared for and cared about.

When a homeless, pregnant woman comes to Good Counsel, she is set on a path toward independence, toward a job, her own place to live, education, and training in necessary skills. She also learns about the unique freedom that comes from surrendering all to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We will be celebrating Independence Day at Good Counsel Homes this weekend, especially in light of some recent milestones our moms have met. Monique earned her EMT certification, and Kadeja got her work papers and her driver’s permit in the same day! Another mom recently became recertified as a Home Health Aide with the dream of someday becoming an R.N.

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Quite a few of our Exodus moms will join us for the holiday which is always a treat! Because of your support, our Exodus moms have become part of our family which is often the only real family many of our mothers have ever known.

Thank you for your ongoing prayerful and financial support!

Happy 4th of July!

If you feel moved to help our moms take positive steps toward independence, click here for information on how to help.





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