Women Betrayed

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Today, across the country at over 60 locations, there will be “Women Betrayed” demonstrations to investigate and de-fund Planned Parenthood.  There is no question that women have been betrayed by Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion clinics, with decades of lies under the pretense of caring for women. Their funding should be stopped.

Countless numbers of women are suffering because of a past abortion and there is no doubt that all of the recent news coverage, etc., is very difficult for them. While we want the truth to be known, we also have to be aware of these women who are suffering and be careful not to exploit them as the pro-abortion side has done, but to show the wrong of abortion. While there are many wonderful women out there ready to speak, we have seen the damage that can be caused to those postabortive women who have spoken before they were ready and before healing has taken place for them and their families.  As the pro-abortion side has made abortion their god, exploiting women in countless ways, we on the prolife side must be careful not to exploit them as well.

There is no doubt that abortion is a life or death issue, the physical life, and the spiritual life, but ultimately God is the only one can end abortion. As we hold these demonstrations across the country to expose the horror of Planned Parenthood let us be sure that each of these locations have resources available for those who have not received healing.

I will be praying for a fruitful day and for light to shine on the truth – the truth of women betrayed.

Here is a statement from Lumina for Women Betrayed:

Women Betrayed Statement

Anyone who has had an abortion and is honest with themselves, (and it takes a certain degree of healing for this), would admit that their abortion was anything but selfless. For most of us it was self preserving. True, it may have been coerced, we may have been abandoned, we may have thought we were being selfless by not bringing an “unwanted” baby into the world, or one who had received an adverse diagnosis who we thought would suffer in life, but ultimately, the decision was about us. Perhaps we had the abortion to save a relationship, we had been told it was not the “right time,” or because of a job, or school, or maybe financial concerns.  But, in the end, it is most times, all to serve and preserve “self.”

In no way do I mean to put all the blame on the women, or to blame anyone for that matter, but rather to understand the state of mind women are in, in most cases, when they are going for an abortion.

Underneath it all, no matter what women say, they know what they are doing. They choose to believe the lies of the abortion industry because they feel they have to make this choice, which often is no choice at all. They choose to believe the lies of the abortion industry because it makes what they are about to do more tolerable, and rationalizes, and justifies it for them. They NEED this because the truth is too painful and most women who abort do not want to terminate their child.

So, here she goes, walking into the clinic; sad, conflicted, fearful, maybe angry, perhaps feeling abandoned, guilty, and filled with turmoil. She is about to participate in taking the life of her own child. Believe me, she is not skipping into Planned Parenthood, she is doing this for whatever reason she feels she has to do.

Planned Parenthood itself, would like us to believe that in the midst of all this, these women, on their own accord, are thinking of how great it would be to donate their child’s body parts for research.

I think not! At least not without a lot of probing and encouragement from the clinic. I can just hear it now; here is a woman totally vulnerable, confused, and no doubt in fear and pain. Do we really believe fetal donation is on her mind?

Now don’t get me wrong, there are circumstances, especially in abortions resulting from an adverse diagnosis, where parents may feel that if they donate their child to research perhaps someone else may not have to go through what they did. But, this does not take into account the extreme pressure put on these parents to abort. The implications that they would be horrible parents to even consider bringing the pregnancy to term, nor are they offered sound alternatives, like organizations such as “Be Not Afraid,” or, “Prenatal Partners for Life,” that would support these parents in their grief and devastation.

While the generosity of such an act is applauded in the abortion industry, and perhaps in segments of society, the truth is that good does not come from evil, and killing one life to profit another is not generous or compassionate.

The past week has been difficult for those who have experienced abortion, and with more videos on the way; it is likely the pain may continue for many. My word to those who have donated would be, as with abortion, recognize you are not totally culpable, but have bought into the deception of those who make a profit from killing our children.

To those who have suffered from adverse diagnosis, it is so understandable that you would want your child’s life to benefit others in this most difficult and heartbreaking situation so they would not have to go through your pain. Understand your state of mind at the time, God does.

To those of you who did not sign a consent form, but now wonder if your child was used, and really for all of us, place your child into the arms of a God who understands what happened and loves us unconditionally in our human weaknesses. Your child is at peace in the Lord and the desire of their heart is that you be too.

Yes, things just do not jive, your feelings are normal, and you do not have to do the dance any longer.

Theresa Bonopartis
Director, Lumina/Hope & Healing after Abortion

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